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Legal note

Viet Fashion Corporation commits to secure your private information. For user respect and benefit protection, please kindly read our following “Privacy policy” to understand more about our commitments.

Private Information Usage:
We collect and use your private information with proper purpose and absolutely following these contents. If necessary, we may use this information to contact you directly by open letters, purchase orders, thanks letters, technology and security information…

Private information sharing:
Except some situations in “Private Information Usage” informed in this policy, we insure not to reveal your private information. But we are forced to do it in these circumstances below: a/ If the legal organizations request. b/ In case we believe that help us to protect our legal benefit. c/ Emergency and necessary case to protect individual safety of other members.
Private information accessing:
You can always access and adjust your private information with related links we provide.

Private information security:
Viet Fashion Corporation commits to secure your personal information with all possible methods. We would use different security information technologies to ensure this information is not violently accessed, used and revealed Viet Fashion Corporation suggests that you should secure the information related to your password or not to share with any other people. If using public computer, you should sign out or close the entire opening website windows.

Spam regulations:
Viet Fashion Corporation really concerns at Spam and cloak emails.  Thus, we confirm to send you email only and if only that you have been registered or using the services from our system. Viet Fashion Corporation commit not selling, purchasing or leasing your email from third party. If you happen to receive unwanted email not requested from our system please kindly click on the denial link of the email, or report directly to our Website Administrator.

Contact information:
We are pleased to be contacted and much appreciated every comment, feedback of this “Privacy Policy” from you. If any inquiry, we could be reached at follow