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NINOMAXX- Nurturing brand by distribution system

If the enterprise is supposingly a tree, the distribution system will be the root that nurtures and raises that tree.

The core value lies in the distribution system maintenance and development. In fashion industry, the distribution system is the brand façade that customers perceive. It represents more of the brand’s ranking status and style than any other media.
Understanding how the industry works, Ninomaxx fashion has continuously invested, improved, and upgraded its distribution system besides being committed to the products themselves. With a widespread system throughout the US, Australia, Cambodia…, Ninomaxx wishes to establish its position in Vietnamese fashion business, yet emerging and integrating into the world.

Ninomaxx store system

Ninomaxx has successfully built up the distribution system from wholesale to retail, from supermarkets to the end users with about 70 stores throughout the country - North, Middle to South Region. Ninomaxx keeps growing continuously and professionally with stores that can be found in almost every province and big city like Hanoi, Hai Phong, Hue, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Can Tho, Ca Mau…

In December 2008, Ninomaxx marked its maturity by opening a flagship store at 118 - 122 Nguyen Trai St., District 1, HCMC. As a turning point in Ninomaxx distribution system, this initiated a significant improvement on its journey to become a leading fashion brand for Vietnamese young people.

Being not locally constraint, Ninomaxx has gradually brings the brand to overseas markets. The very first step is into Cambodia. Based on the Vietnames-like Oriental lifestyle and climate, Ninomaxx has built its own image and foundation, creating opportunity for further reach to Singapore, Indonesia and Australia.

Challenging market like US

After the press conference announcing Ninomaxx penetration to US market, despite common belief that Ninomaxx might fail in a challenging market like US, Mr Nguyen Huu Phung is still in his optimistic manner and believes in his decision.

“This is a critical step in Ninomaxx development strategy. We have nurtured and built it from our very first day. It is time we made it happen”. He said.
In November 2007, to public surprise, the first Ninomaxx store was opened in Los Angeles. The opening day fell into a large shopping day in US (the Black Friday) and Ninomaxx “caught its fish”. The first step into US market of Ninomaxx was consideringly successful.

New Ninomaxx – real Ninomaxx

Beside the quantity of stores opened, Ninomaxx never stops working on the store quality regarding façade, style and area. Every average Ninomaxx store is around 100 – 400m2.

In addition, Ninomaxx also conducts trainings for its salesmen to become professional and dedicated to customer services. It does not only bring product materialistic values but also provide belonging experience for customers. Not any fashion brand can reach that level.

Ever since Flagship came along, the outlets architecture has been designed in its style. It is a mixture of modern Europe architecture. The major theme is in white and grey where white is more dominant than previous structure.

Distribution system expansion

To expand and complete its distribution system, Ninomaxx has implemented franchising. For a better outcome, the franchisees are offered operation area divisions, the brand itself, the products, the business know-how and Ninomaxx support policy. They also have to go through management and sales training programs by Ninomaxx managers and directors from headquarter.

Ninomaxx has franchises in Vietnam and Australia markets. Furthermore, the franchising is going to reach out to Singapore, Philippine, Thailand and Indonesia with suppliers from the US, Hungary, Australia… Regardless of the market locations, Ninomaxx theme is always white and grey (according to the current corporation standard model).

Hope for Vietnam fashion future with Ninomaxx

With the effort to develop its distribution channels, Ninomaxx has been found more and more successful in Vietnam market. For all the current great deeds, Ninomaxx has brought hope for Vietnamese consumers that the brand will be able to compete with the renowned fashion brands in worldwide fashion cities. Ninomaxx has been “planting the seeds’ and anticipating for the reaping someday.

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